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скачать тор браузер бесплатно на планшет gydra

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Tor browser for mac download браузер тор для iphone hyrda

Tor browser for mac download

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Do not bother downloading it!!! That makes the thing worthless. Some dummy over at the project will have to clean up their mess. Watch for I have used Tor Browser over the past couple of years! A relative of mine suggested it to me and was a former FBI agent. No hassle, no ads, just a clean way to browse! My only concern is that it is somewhat slower than some browsers, but if someone wants a great way to browse without all the hassle, Tor Browser is it!

Derekcurrie 03 June Tor Browser is now at v9. Dp-Gguy 06 December Scion 23 October Derekcurrie 24 October It has been regularly hacked and is NOT perfect security protection on the Internet. Zealots: Deal with it. Stop pretending. Mdewakanton 03 November Updated to 7. Derekcurrie 25 October The workaround is to update Tor Browser from within the application. The app should immediately start downloading and updating itself to version 7. Really, this is not the order in which to release an update.

Get it working on your OWN website before a third-party site publishes its release. Whose snafu is this? Big Johnson 27 September You sure about that version number MacUpdate? Because the latest version on the Tor website is 7. Derekcurrie 10 August The current version is 7. Fringewood 22 December It currently provides neither. You may as well wave a red flag. Version 5. Launch the app, click the Connect button and it crashes immediately.

Good web browser. It is definitely for users who are a little bit paranoid about their security or want to hide their IP. Unfortunately you may not reach or see the content of some websites with it for example Apple Support Communities. This is the only drawback. It loads pages pretty fast. Like it. Jim-Leff 12 February Version is up to 5. This is without exception and has occurred over many weeks of experimenting.

Superultramegagigabyte 07 September DivaM 04 September MeCox 19 August Derekcurrie 19 August CDavid 30 June Using Tor is much easier than using programs that change the IP address. Pros: - Great tool for those seeking privacy on the Internet - Comprehensible design - Stable and efficient work Cons: - Fails to access some websites e. Tor Browser 4. Sha4k 01 April Aargl: you should report this to the Tor devs or retry with 4.

Since that def should not happen, it would ideally be properly investigated. Aargl 23 March Utilities like Bookmacster were unable to restore them! Markoh 10 March Mcd3 06 March Luca-Nonato 12 December MisterE 16 November Pfackelmann 23 September Re: Tor Browser Bundle 3. Januar Peter. Mdewakanton 04 September Tschigg 21 August Dellsuxx 19 July Also having trouble getting tails to work properly with mac version. Use Tor, paint a target on your back Xenophile 08 July Current version is 3.

Installation is drag and drop. It just works. Monkeyjunkey 29 May Someone is up-voting TrueCrypt and Cryptix. Cryptix is closed source and close source crypto is really hard to be trusted. Hard to proove but the pattern behind this is really strange. Macupdate should really reconsider the entire voting system for similar software.

When it comes to security related software this is no fun and can endanger peoples lifes if they use unsecure software. Markoh 08 May Starman 09 April Gitte79 23 March For me privacy is important and TOR is exactly what I need and use most. Although the older TOR clients did perform badly, the latest updates are really fast and very usable.

Sheers for that! Thank you for keeping this free. MacUpdate-Lon 23 March I like Tor Browser Bundle because it is so accessible, easy to use. I got an email immediately from Yahoo security, saying that my account had been accessed "from an unknown device" somewhere in France. JudeC 12 February Privacy is a huge issue. Snooping around happens everywhere, everyday.

What can we do? We can use TOR. With servers all over the world, TOR randomly keeps changing my location worldwide. Once if its Romania, the next time its Greece! It has far more reachability than HMA or any other web proxy programs. Long live anonymity! Macsolu 30 January Attention to detail, please, developers! MacUpdate-Lon 28 January How nice of the developers to include the correct version number in the info.

SickTeddyBear 20 December Monkeyjunkey 20 December Seems, bit builds for OS X are gone? Waaaaayyyyy to slow to be of any practical use. Cowicide 08 October I really appreciate the efforts of the Tor project, but this is annoying. Tor has it listed as version 2.

Why the discrepancy? Is this a double typo or is something else going on here? Spudboy 31 August This is probably common knowledge. Tor has previously admitted that the US Department of Defense was one of its principal financial backers, with some estimating that as much as 86 percent of Tors budget came from the Defense Department. Phoenixdownunder 13 August Cowicide 04 August Where did the tor button go that was around the top of the browser?

Seems to have disappeared since 2. No likey. GeogProf 07 April Calling Tor "version 1. Publishing the official but quashed version numbers, such as the current official v. We like Tor and its attendant technologies. And we even more appreciate that the developers have continued to offer it for free, But this freeness and its attendant versional obfuscation make uncomfortable if not antithetical bedfellows. Come on, what do you have to hide lose? Or more to the point, what have you been hiding with this dishonest practice?

And is is it any wonder that so many new such apps have been release in the just the past few months? Or has that gone unheeded too? GeogProf 28 March Razz 15 January Importing bookmarks is very simple and fast. Preferences are many and you should look at them to make sure that they are set the way you want them to be set. You have great power here. Performance is slow. Glacial sometimes. Watch the lower left of the browser window to see all of the activity going on.

GeogProf 19 December Cowicide 19 December Although the speed is, of course, lower than with my normal browser and without Tor I am quite impressed how well this works. Thanks a lot to the developer team! This is simply excellent and deserves all five stars. Connection can take some time depending on how many users are logged onto the network at any one time but usually its very quick. The Tor onion logo turns from yellow to green in your taskbar when a successful connection has been made.

Tor is simple, well organized and effective tool for anyone worried about security or invasions of privacy online. I cannot uninstall the browser. Will not connect to the Tor network in China.. I downloaded this browser on recommendation from a prospective employer after I could not connect to their website.

The browser will not connect to the Tor network here in China. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. In Softonic we scan all the files hosted on our platform to assess and avoid any potential harm for your device. Our team performs checks each time a new file is uploaded and periodically reviews files to confirm or update their status.

This comprehensive process allows us to set a status for any downloadable file as follows:. Based on our scan system, we have determined that these flags are possibly false positives. It means a benign program is wrongfully flagged as malicious due to an overly broad detection signature or algorithm used in an antivirus program.

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